Professional Bowling Starter Kit for Unity

Grab the best bowling template available and make your custom bowling games


Professional Bowling Starter Kit for Unity

How to

– Changing skins is as easy as drag and drop
– Changing the default pins is as easy as moving them around, it knows its way around automatically – Easy to create prefabs for new scene usages – When both turns are finished scene is cleared you can easily set starter rules – Changing AI’s IQ is as easy as changing integers


– Interesting Gameplay
– Score Registration System
– Lost and Win System
– It has 10 Pins, One Ball and Floor
– Customize Game Stages and Change the Minimum Score to Win
– Sounded


first update changelog v1.0 September 4, 2020. Single Player Simple Main Menu (Mobile Ready) Sounds for a win, fail, success, and ball Modern Environment With Floor, Right and Left Corner, Panel, Ball, buildings, and Pins Fully from scratch (No Plugin Needed) Advanced AI Time Flow customization Skins


Grab the best bowling template available and make your custom bowling games. We made a complete bowling game asset so you can customize and add your features easily. This template is ready to play with all platforms such as windows, IOS, Android, Linux, Mac, and many others. Touch controls are ready-made for you to drag down for aiming for and release for shooting the ball at the right rotation to get a strike. Our Artificial Intelligence is very simple to edit and make it either smarter or less competitive. He will think about rotation and the amount of force for trying his best to play against you. Similarly, this asset helps you with leaderboards that can be saved in settings for later. Changing the default scene is as easy as duplicating it and deleting everything in the scene gameObject. You can either email us for support (your invoice number is needed) or order one of our 3D services for us to help you with your development.


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