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Lead Acid Battery

Did you know that acid battery is one of the oldest and most basic types of batteries used to date?These batteries have many disadvantages, the most important disadvantage of acid batteries are that lead has a very high atomic weight and the weight of these batteries are very high.Sulfuric acid is also a very dangerous […]

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شعله پلاسما تسلا کویل

شعله پلاسما تسلا کویل٫ مشعل پلاسما یکی از مولد های پلاسمای گرم در فشار اتمسفر می باشد. این مشعل قادر است اغلب گاز های موجود را به پلاسمایی با دمایی بین 3 تا 15 هزار درجه سانتی گراد تبدیل نماید. تقریبا هیچ فناوری دیگری قادر به تولید این دما در فشار اتمشفر نمی باشد. این […]

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PCB Photoresist

A photoresist (also known as a photoresist) is a light-sensitive substance that is based on ultraviolet light and undergoes deformation and solidification when exposed to it. This process is very important in the electronics industry and usually very complex circuits with small tracks and one or two layers are used by this method, as you […]

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Game Development

For the first time in AfghanistanWe are the first company in Afghanistan to make custom video games.if you have a business or company by making a video game for it helps to grow your business unimaginably and will help you attract more customers, and fortunately we can give you that power.We make custom computer, console […]

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