باتری اسیدی

Did you know that acid battery is one of the oldest and most basic types of batteries used to date?These batteries have many disadvantages, the most important disadvantage of acid batteries are that lead has a very high atomic weight and the weight of these batteries are very high.Sulfuric acid is also a very dangerous […]

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Thermoelectric Generator

Thermoelectric generators are solid-state devices that convert heat into electricity. Unlike conventional heat engines, thermoelectric generators have no moving components and are completely silent.In the video below, we have shown a thermoelectric generator with its structure. A mobile phone can be charged using the electricity generated by the thermoelectric generator, which is obtained from the […]

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ساخت تخت مدار چاپی با استفاده از سی ان سی

Construction of printed circuit board or (PCB) using CNCThe cnc machine is a fully functional machine in the electronics industry. Using the cnc machine, you can perform steps such as drilling, cutting, rooting of musk lines and the ability to download files from the software.With which you can make a printed circuit board with all […]

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