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Clear Sky IDE

Clear Sky IDE is an all in one solution for electronic engineers to fast-forward their workflow with microcontrollers. It consists of functions to ease the process of designing projects. With the clean UI Interface and customizable themes and color highlights, it is much easier to work with than any other platform. One of the main focuses is to help beginners learn the complex concepts easier with our built-in GPU based 3D Renderer. IntelliSense feature saves time up to ten times writing codes. Students can connect to their class servers and download the all in one content and materials with automatic organization of diagrams and codes. COM Port detection helps you to plug, code, and upload without manually dealing with the ports configurations. With the support of the Native-C upload method, you can decompile and upload native codes. Clear Sky IDE contains conversions methods that can convert your code to binary and hex for learning and reverse engineering purposes. For creating cluster projects that need network access and for IP classifications, Clear Sky IDE provides a well-organized section for you to work with. Reading analog signals, 2D visualizations of serial communications and even actuators trigger timings can be done easily up to hundred channels simultaneously. Clear Sky IDE provides a built-in and fast web browser for quick researches. A combination of C#, WPF, C, C++, XAML, PHP, and MySQL made clear sky possible.

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