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Writing Assistant by MySkyPower

Writing Assistant version 1.0

Are you a new student and facing issues with writing your essays? Then Writing Assistant is the ultimate tool to help you with your writings. You might ask what makes it unique? There are many unique features such as Essay organizer features that automatically walks you through what to write and where. It is not only for editing essays but supports any kind of text-processing task.

Essay Organizer

Structure editor allow you to organize your essays according to academic writing standards as you write.

Easy Outline Creator

One-click Add information

Easy Grammarly Access

Advanced in-depth checker

Sentence splitter tool allows you to check sentence by sentence and easily detect FANBOYS to avoid grammatical mistakes such as Run-ons and sentence fragments.

Brainstormer Tool (Alpha)

Easy C#, PHP, Java, XML Code Writer

Standard APA and MLA citation

Fast Response – Light Weight

Easy WhatsApp access for peer-review

HTML, PDF, DOCX, XAML, Rich Text, Plain Text supported.

File Size: 92MB

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.5.2

Download: https://myskypower.com/writing-assistant-by-myskypower/


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